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New Open!

YADOYA Guesthouse for backpackers

It`s about 5-6min walk from JR and Subway Nakano station.

All our guesthouses are located in Nakano area since we love Nakano!

Nakano is very interesting and convenient place in West side of Tokyo. It`s only 4min by train from Shinjuku station (one stop by Chuo line) but you can find Japanese local atmosphere here.

There are lots of Restaurants like Izakaya(Japanese Pub), Ramen, Sushi, Tenpra, Italian, Asian etc. You will enjoy walking around the area North side of Nakano station till midnight. Many of our guests find their favorite pub or bar. And the prices are really friendly too!

And also you can use both JR-line and Tokyo Metro(Subway) at Nakano station, so it`s very convenient to go everywhere in Tokyo. Especially, if you like new Japanese culture city as Shinjuku, Harajuku, Shibuya, Yoyogi, Ebisu ect.

One thing, also it`s very famous thing in Nakano is Mandarake.
If you love Japanese Anime, Manga, something with Otaku thing, you should go there!
It`s 5min walk from Nakano station North exit.

Now, we are planning to make Nakano tourist Map for backpackers to enjoy Nakano more.  We hope many of people enjoy Nakano with us and of course enjoy Tokyo and Japan too.

Please check our new hostel, YADOYA Guesthouse for Backpackers:

Photos of Maruman branch Living room Suzushiro branch A at YADOYA Guesthouse Tokyo
Living room of Suzushiro branch A.

Small Private room of Suzushiro branch A at YADOYA Guesthouse
2tatami private room of Suzushiro branch A.

4.5tatami private room of Suzushiro branch A at YADOYA Guesthouse
4.5tatami private room of Suzushiro branch A at YADOYA Guesthouse
4.5tatami private room of Suzushiro branch A.

Dormitory room Suzushiro branch A at YADOYA Guesthouse Tokyo
Dormitory room of Suzushiro branch A.

We are going to put some more photos of Suzushiro branch A soon. Please come back and check agian.

Our guesthouse is one of the cheapest accommodation in Tokyo.
We would like to help our guests to have nice stay in Tokyo.

Please check our website and we are looking forward to seeing you!

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Maruman Renewal OPEN!

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We have been really busy last month renewing our Maruman branch to make
it better and more confortable for our guests, and finally it has open and is welcoming guests!

Our Maruman branch is a 5bed female dormitory,  located in the 4th floor of the building, 1 minute from YADOYA office and 3minutes from Nakano station.

The dorm  has 2 bunk beds and 1 single bed, and includes:

 * a bathroom with toilet and shower(hot water inc.);
 * a small kitchen with microwave oven, toaster oven and
     rice cooker;
 * a refrigerator;
 * small security lockers for each of our guests;
 * wireless internet connection;
 * a television;
 * airconditioner/heater
 * and a balcony with a washing machine.

It is the perfect place for girls looking for a small but cozy place in a convenient location. 

Please click on the link below for pictures of the Maruman branch.


If you wish to know about availabilities or have any questions regarding Our Guesthouse or Maruman branch please click on the following lin and fill in the inquiry form,


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We are planning to open new branch called "Suzushiro branch A". There are three private rooms and one 4people dormitory.

The house is old Japanse style, but we redecorate for comfortably, for example toilet is western style.

We are preparing photos now, it will be on our website sometime next month.

Please check our website for more details!: