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Oume Festival

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Oume festival with YADOYA Guesthouse

We went to Oume festival on the 3rd of May!

oume festival

Our staff Lin-chan wrote about it.
Please check our staff blog:

I met a lot of people who is really unique and beautiful in Design Festa.

Here are some photos of them.

Unique people in design Festa 01

Octopus man!!?  Image of Taku-Hachiro?

Unique people in design Festa 02


Unique people in design Festa 03

It`s saying Gero&Poppo.

Unique people in design Festa 04

She came with her son!

Unique people in design Festa 05

She came from korea. And she made beautifule booth.

We will put more photos in this blog!

See you on the next.

October Festa in Hibiya Park

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We went to October festa (It is from Germany) in Hibiya Park.

It was nice weather for drinking beer and good an atomosphere with a lots of people were enjoying the festa.

october festa at Hibiya park

Hibiya Park is one of the big park in Tokyo. There are some events in all seasons and october festa is one of the big event which open every year.

YADOYA Guest serve the beer

One of our guests were working there!

Germany band plaing music

Germany band was playing German music!

German beer


everybody kanpai with beer


YADOYA people and friends

Our guests, friends and somebody we met there.

It was very busy there, and many of people are staying there till the event finish at 9:00pm even it was Monday.

The event open till 1st of June this year. So you can go there and enjoy the Festa!

Our friend and guests join in Design Festa vol.27.

I went on the 17th and stay there whole day.

It was really fun!

About the Design Festa:


design festa YADOYA guest booth

Our guest booth.

design festa YADOYA guest booth

She has been taking part in this events several times. She brought so many of her art work with her before, but she only brought her postcards this time. She was too busy in NYC before come to Tokyo.

I will put on this blog next time some more photos of funny, cute and strange people who we met there .