Let`s go to Festival with YADOYA friends!

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On Sunday May 3rd, we will be organising an excursion to one of the biggest festivals in the Kanto area, The Ome Taisai Festival. We welcome our guests to come and join us in the festivities.

The Ome city Taisai Festival features a parade of twelve traditional Japanese floats drawn along the city's main street. It is a cultural and historical event with its roots in old Edo It is a great time with many people taking part in the festival. It is the perfect day to experience authentic Japanese culture.

We will be meeting at YadoCafe(YADOYA guesthouse office) at 1pm and take a train to get to Ome by 3pm where we will go around the town and enjoy the spirit of the festival. At 4pm we will meet a friend of ours, a local of Ome city, and he will show us around the finer points of the town and festival. He will later take us to his friend’s house where we will enjoy a few drinks and food together with the locals.

There will be a guide fee of 1500 yen for the excursion which includes a free Tanudon (YADOYA mascot) T-shirt (many designs and sizes to choose from).

In Japanese festivals people taking part in the event wear a traditional uniform called a Happi which shows which part of the town they are from. In the spirit of this festival, we want our guest to all wear our Tanudon T-shirts as a kind of the Yadoya Happi.

We can only take a maximum of 5 people so please inform us if you would like to go as soon as possible.


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