Tomato Nabe Party!

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Tomato nabe party!
To help us get through this cold winter we
will have a very special nabe party for our guests, on the 20th of
in our YadoCafe and we welcome all our guests and friends to join
tomato nabe partytomato nabe party

Our friend, Tomo, who is a professional chef, will be preparing
Tomato nabe for us!!

Japanese Nabe, or hot pot, is a traditional
dish mainly served during winter, consisting of a mixture of different
vegetables and meats lightly cooked in the broth of a hot pot. Nabe is normally
eaten at the table from a communal hotpot with everyone gathering around the

There are many kinds of nabe dishes. This
time around we will have tomato nabe. Tomato nabe is a new type of fusion dish consisting
of a mixture of Japanese and Italian flavors which has become very popular this

Come and join us and enjoy eating lots of
delicious food in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

The party will be starting at 6:00PM (Food
will be served at 7pm) and finish at 10:00pm.

Price: 1200 yen (all you can eat)

Place: YADO Cafe
How to get to YADO Cafe? ↓