Mizutaki Nabe/Takoyaki Party Event Pictures

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Hello everyone!

Sorry it has been a little late but here are some of the pictues of the event we had on the 6th of November.
If anyome wants any of these pictures please dont hesitate to ask.

First of all, Id like to thank Kenta for his excellent cooking, all his effort and time he put into this event event thought he is really busy. Well done! You deserve a pat in the back.
And sencondly, Id like to thank all our guests who came to make this party a wonderful night to remember. I hope you all had a great time also.

Some of the ingredients used for the nabe

The Mizutaki nabe is been prepared...yum..I cant wait.

Takakoyaki being prepared in its special fying pan...

...And the finished product! Takoyaki ! Lets eat!

But  before that .......カンパイ!! Cheers!!

Our cook for the night, Kenta(middle) praparing some takoyaki.

Everyone is having a great tiem talking and eating.

This lovely married couple met in Yadoya! Wow !!

All our guests wishing love to the world..... Japanese maid style?!


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